To further investigate the GO annotations grouped under a high level term, click on the colored cells for your gene of interest.

Questions about the Ribbon ? [GO Ribbon documentation] [Helpdesk].

Additional Notes

  • The Ribbon provides a summary of the annotations associated to your genes, but it does not inform on which are the most relevant functions in a gene set. To find out the statistically relevant functions of a gene set, please use the Enrichment Analysis approach
  • The GO COVID-19 page is an illustration of how the GO Ribbon and Enrichment Analysis can be used together to both show the existing functions of a gene set and highlight the functions that are over or under represented (over representation test)
  • The Ribbon is a generic web component that can easily be integrated in other websites, independenly of the framework used. It is freely available on GitHub. As an example, the Ribbon is used to represent both GO, Disease and Expression data on the Alliance website

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